Protects Children From Bullying

Creates textbook content that portrays all groups fairly and accurately, and protects children from being bullied based on their heritage or background.

Critical for Our Children's Future

Gives students a modern education and the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly globalized and diverse society.

Fix Our Education System

Replaces outdated and stereotypical information, reflecting negatively on many groups that leads to children being ashamed of their heritage.

SB 1057 is Critical for the Future of California's Students

Urge Governor Brown to sign it into law today.

What is SB 1057?

California Senate Bill 1057 calls for updating education standards that have grossly outdated and inaccurate information that negatively portrays or ignores many religions, cultures, and ethnicities. Learn more here.

Supporting Organizations

SB 1057 has the support of parents, teachers, and a diverse array of 100+ organizations, individual professors, educators, and government leaders. See the full list.

Our Children's Future is in YOUR Hands

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