Take Action - Urge Governor Brown to Sign SB 1057

If this bill is not signed by Governor Brown, our state's more than six million elementary, middle and high school students will continue to learn incorrect information about each other, will continue to face bullying, and will be made to feel inferior to other groups which are covered more favorably.

Take Action Now by contacting Governor Brown via phone, email, fax and/or regular mail and urge him to sign SB 1057 into law Today! Each individual in your family and all your friends should separately take action by making phone calls and sending letters. A phone call takes only 30 seconds and an email only 1 minute - just follow the easy instructions below.

By Phone

1. Call Governor Brown's office at 916.445.2841 between 9am and 5pm weekdays CA time.

2. After dialing, press 1 for English, then press 4 to speak to a representative.

3. When speaking to the representative, be very clear that you SUPPORT SB 1057 Pupil curriculum: history-social science content standards and use the following script:

Hello, my name is ____ and I support SB 1057. I urge Governor Brown to sign SB 1057 Pupil curriculum: history-social science content standards, into law. Do you need any other information? Thank you.

By Email

1. Copy and paste the below text into the email form for Governor Brown available here.

2. Click on "Have Comment", then complete the first name, last name, & email

3. Under PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SUBJECT, scroll down to the end of the hundreds of options, and click on the subject "SB01057\Pupil curriculum: history-social science content standards".

4. Check the reply box if you want a reply.

5. After you click submit, it will take you to the next page and ask for Position, click the "Pro*" option, and then paste the text below into the email box:

Subject Line: I Support SB 1057 Pupil curriculum: history-social science content standards

The Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
Governor of California
State Capitol, First Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Brown:

I am writing today to request your support for SB 1057 -- Pupil Curriculum: History-Social Science Content Standards. Authored by State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett, this bill seeks to update California's nearly two decades old K-12 History-Social Science Content Standards. The History-Social Science Content Standards form the foundation for California's textbooks and determine what must be taught in classrooms.

Unfortunately, the current standards contain outdated information that reflects negatively or altogether ignore many groups in California. Such standards have led to bullying of children of all backgrounds and have ill prepared our students to compete and thrive in a globalized society. If SB 1057 is not signed into law, California's children will be left behind and continue to learn inaccurate information that perpetuates negative stereotypes. History-Social Science is the last major subject that requires updating to bring our education system into the 21st century. Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Science have already been updated.

Thanks to Senator Corbett who spearheaded this bill, and support from a broad coalition of cultural, civil rights, and interfaith organizations, as well as individual professors/educators and government leaders, SB 1057 has passed the State Legislature with bipartisan support. I therefore respectfully urge you to sign SB 1057 into law for the future of California's children, educators, and parents.

[address, phone, email]

6. Add your name, address and phone to the bottom of the letter, along with any titles that would help identify you.

7. Click on "Send Email".

By Fax

Copy the text of the email above, add your personal name with title/organization name if applicable, and print it on good paper (letterhead if you have one), and fax to Governor Brown at 916.558.3160

By Mail

By regular mail, please send dated and signed letters, on letterhead if applicable, to: Governor Jerry Brown, c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814

Our Children's Future is in YOUR Hands

Take Action Now